Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Empty Your Cup

The Japanese master Nan-in gave audience to a professor of philosophy. Serving tea, Nan-in filled his visitor's cup, and kept pouring. The professor watched the overflow until he could restrain himself no longer: "Stop! The cup is over full, no more will go in." Nan-in said: "Like this cup, you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup."
You have come to an even more dangerous person than Nan-in, because an empty cup won't do; the cup has to be broken completely. Even empty, if you are there, then you are full. Even emptiness fills you. If you feel that you are empty you are not empty at all, you are there. Only the name has changed: now you call yourself emptiness. The cup won't do at all; it has to be broken completely. Only when you are not can the tea be poured into you, only when you are not is there no need really to pour the tea into you. When you are not the whole existence begins pouring, the whole existence becomes a shower from every dimension, from every direction. When you are not, the divine is.
The story is beautiful. It was bound to happen to a professor of philosophy. The story says a professor of philosophy came to Nan-in. He must have come for the wrong reasons because a professor of philosophy, as such, is always wrong. Philosophy means intellect, reasoning, thinking, argumentativeness. And this is the way to be wrong, because you cannot be in love with existence if you are argumentative. Argument is the barrier. If you argue, you are closed; the whole existence closes to you. Then you are not open and existence is not open to you.
When you argue, you assert. Assertion is violence, aggression, and the truth cannot be known by an aggressive mind, the truth cannot be discovered by violence. You can come to know the truth only when you are in love. But love never argues. There is no argument in love, because there is no aggression. And remember, not only was that man a professor of philosophy, you are also the same. Every man carries his own philosophy, and every man in his own way is a professor, because you profess your ideas, you believe in them. You have opinions, concepts, and because of opinions and concepts your eyes are dull, they cannot see; your mind is stupid, it cannot know.
Ideas create stupidity, because the more the ideas are there the more the mind is burdened. And how can a burdened mind know? The more ideas there are the more it is just like dust which has gathered on a mirror. How can the mirror mirror? How can the mirror reflect? Your intelligence is just covered by opinions -- the dust -- and everyone who is opinionated is bound to be stupid and dull. That's why professors of philosophy are almost always stupid. They know too much to know at all. They are burdened too much. They cannot fly in the sky, they can't have wings. And they are so much in the mind, they can't have roots in the earth. They are not grounded in the earth and they are not free to fly into the sky.
And remember, you are all the same. There may be differences of quantity, but every mind is qualitatively the same, because mind thinks, argues, collects and gathers knowledge and becomes dull. Only children are intelligent. And if you can retain your childhood, if you continuously reclaim your childhood, you will remain innocent and intelligent. If you gather dust, childhood is lost, innocence is no more; the mind has become dull and stupid. Now you can have philosophies.
The more philosophies you have, the more you are far away from the divine.A religious mind is a non-philosophical mind. A religious mind is an innocent, intelligent mind. The mirror is clear, the dust has not been gathered; and every day a continuous

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

sunny the proud sikh

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

bhai manpreet singh vdo links

For all those Akj is the link for bhai manpreet singh ji's vdo links...I am telling you yaar it's awesome kirtan. For me it's the kirtan that link me to my Load. Whatever others call it. I call it Anand!!!!

Here you go:

Enjoy kirtan

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nobody can force you to take insult


Practising virtue is like perspiration. Your unconsciour habits evaporate through it. So, Not doing bad is actually doing good. Don't be negatively interested, be positive. If you just sit and think about all the wrongs that you have done, you will be giving too much food to them. To give attention is to give food. to give attention means to paly with the wound.

Take note, be mindful, meditate, but don't play with the wound. Otherwise you will be making the wound again and agin more alive. It will start bleeding. So don't bacome too much concerned about your small things--- they are small.


Somebody insults you, the insult is not yet meaningful unless you accept it. So, nobody can insult you unless you take it, unless you cooperate with it. So, whenever you were insulted, you felt insutlted, it was you, it was your responsibility. Don't say that somebody else insulted you. Why did you accept it? Nobody and force you to accept it. It is his freedom to do so and it is your freedom to accept it or not.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Secret

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Love is the greatest gift of God. Learn the art of it. Learn the song of it, the celebration of it. It is an absolute need: just as the body cannot survive without food, the soul cannot survive without love. Love is the nourishment of the soul, it is the beginning of all that is great, it is the door of the divine.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Time to came back

Been really away from this blog. So many ups and downs in life. I've been having many things coming in my life didn't know who to discuss to, who to talk to, BUT only Guru Ramdas and Guru Gobind Singh Ji came in. It felt so good thinking about them. Everytime there is a problem I will sing Dhan dhan ramdas guru jin siriaa tinai savaria and Chopai sahib. It is really so so so powerful. Guru ji is there. He never let you down. He is there to protect you. Why would he let his khalsas down , if you really ask and call me out from your soul. While typing this I am listening to this shabad " Ik ardass bhaat keerat kee gur ramdas raakho sarnaee " from Gurumustak's site. Thanks to him. You made me cried listening to his shabad and thinking about my guru, my pita. It felt so good so so good. Can't really explain this feeling yaar! I love you Guruji . Just love you so much.